Weekly Schedule

Wednesday Night

6:00 PM - Worship Service/Bible Study


9:30 AM - Sunday School

  • Boys Grade 9-12 | Room 202
  • Girls Grade 9-12  | Room 203
  • Boys Grade 6-8  |  Room 205
  • Girls Grade 6-8  |  Room 207

10:30 AM - Blended Worship Service

6:15 PM - Growth Groups

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"Proclaiming the Kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord without hindrance." - Acts 28:31

Everything we do as a youth group is centered on this verse. We want to be people who don't just call themselves Christians; we want to live in such a way that reflects what God did for us in Jesus' life, death, & resurrection. In doing so, we can live "unhindered" from our sin or anything else stopping us from proclaiming and teaching about Jesus.